Grayling the Webcomic
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Canned Answers

Some basic questions and answers about the comic.

When does the comic update?
The comic updates every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

What do you use to make the comic?
I make the comic several ways. Sometimes I draw the comic on paper with brush and ink, scan it in, and finish it in Clip Studio Paint. These days I mostly draw the comic straight into the computer. I also occasionally use Painter for things like the covers.

What inspired the comic?
I made Grayling because I wanted to handle various topic matters in ways I had never seen them handled before. I was inspired mostly by music, illustration, movies, anime and manga.

Where's the old comic?
PDF copies of oldGrayling are available (along with a lot of other great Grayling content) via the Patreon. Please consider pledging - even just a dollar a month shows you support what I'm doing and want to see Grayling keep going! It means a lot to me. :3

Your question still unanswered? Well you can always contact me!